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Kettering Ohio Tree Services

Looking for tree service in Kettering Ohio?

Kettering Ohio Tree Services by MRB Tree Service

From tree removal to tree trimming – in the Kettering Ohio area, MRB Tree Service can handle all of your tree service needs. Tree removal is essential to ensure the safety of your home and your property and can often significantly improve the aesthetics of your yard.

We don’t always recommend tree removal, as sometimes just trimming is necessary.

But when you need or want a fully insured professional tree service, choose MRB Tree Service for your tree removal needs! MRB Tree Service has the expertise and credentials required to professionally inspect your trees and determine if removal is required. We provide the highest level of tree services. Our tree removal professionals provide prompt, dependable and safe tree removal to homes and businesses throughout the Kettering Ohio area.

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Why Is Tree removal Needed?

There are many reasons why tree removal is important, including the safety of your home and surroundings. Through the use of safety tree removal, MRB Tree Service expertly removes the tree and can provide stump grinding services leaving the land usable for other uses. Tree removal enhances the beauty of your property by improving your landscape views; elevating and shaping trees around patios, pools, walkways and gardens and reducing debris over key areas.

Here are some of our Kettering Ohio Tree Services that we can provide:

Tree Removal

Some people remove their trees because their sick of coming home to a yard with sap, branches and leaves strewn all over the place. Others need the tree removed because they’re planning to put an extension on their home or building. The majority though, choose tree removal services in Kettering because their tree(s) may be dead, dying or diseased.

Tree Pruning

Trimming or pruning is service we provide to people looking to protect and enhance the health of their trees. We may remove dead branches and shape the tree to increase its structural support or airflow through the canopy. You should remember to never ever try pruning a large or medium sized tree by yourself. It can be very dangerous. Our workers utilize chainsaws, bucket trucks and other safety oriented equipment to get the job done.

Hazardous Tree Inspections

Trees can cause a lot of un-needed damage if left unchecked. Our tree workers will thoroughly look through your property and check your trees for any possible warning signs. We’ll look for exposed roots, disease or fungi on tree bark and damaged branches. Allow us to come in and help reduce any possible future liabilities you might have from a tree that could fall.

Storm Damage Cleanups

24 Hour Emergency Tree Services Available! After a storm, besides your electricity a big concern we often hear is that trees may have fallen in a customer’s driveway or they’re all over the place. MRB Tree Experts can clean this up for you promptly. We offer fast service. It’s as simple as hiring us to come in remove trees, branches, or anything else on the ground that’s fallen. We’ll make your property look as though there was never a storm!

Stump Grinding

When you hire a Kettering tree services company to remove your tree(s), the price almost never includes removing the stump. You can actually remove the stump by yourself using a pick ax, a chainsaw and a stump grinding machine but why go through all the work when you can just hire a professional? We remove tree stumps quick!

We can also provide, Tree Trimming, Shaping and Thinning, Cut Backs and Property Line Trimming, Dead Limbs Removed, Stump Removal, Storm Damage Cleanup, Land Clearing Aerial Bucket and Bobcat Available.

A Little History About Kettering Ohio:

The earliest settler in what is now Kettering was John Patterson, a farmer who built the area’s first log cabin in 1798. In 1841, an expanding population forced the creation of Van Buren Township, a name that would remain for more than 100 years.

In November of 1952, voters of Van Buren Township approved the incorporation of the Village of Kettering, named for its most outstanding citizen, the famous philanthropist and inventor of the automobile self-starter, Charles. F. Kettering. A special census in 1955 recorded the village population at 38,118 qualifying it for city status.

Kettering was proclaimed a city on June 24, 1955, by the Secretary of the State of Ohio. Voters approved adoption of a Home Rule Charter and Council-Manager form of government, which went into effect on January 1, 1956. Seven council representatives are elected for four-year terms on a non-partisan basis, one from each of the four districts and two at-large, plus the mayor. Kettering, OH 39.6867 -84.1700

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